Earn BitcoinSV with your web traffic!

As an authorized agent for the Manna Network we can offer website operators the free scripts (either as a WordPress plugin or PHP script) that will create a complete “Yellow Pages” type web directory on their site (i.e. complete with categories, links AND MANAGEMENT). Then, with the directory installed they can offer their site visitors (i.e. those with websites) the opportunity to advertise across the entire Manna Network (i.e. on every site with the script installed) by registering at their site. This system effectively pools and aggregates their web traffic to the traffic of the network. They effectively offer their visitors the opportunity to advertise in THEIR directory (i.e. the one installed on their site) AND the rest of the sites in the network!

The Benefits Of Pooling And Aggegating Web Traffic

For advertisers: They get their “link” on every member site with just the one registration! That means they will be able to get new visitors to their site from each of them. And since that is more valuable (sic. to them) than advertising on just your website would be, they are willing to pay more (more on payments and sales commissions later).

For site visitors: Visitors get the ability to look for things they are interested in rather than having ads being pushed and “popping up” on them. And because the directory displays advertisers from the network, it provides better quality businesses (and more of them) than what a publisher could accomplish with their own web directory operating independently. In other words, the network’s directory is more comprehensive than what an independently operated one would be.

For the publisher: The benefits of the Manna Network system to website operators depend, in large part, on the goals of the installation site.

Small business sites, for example, are usually trying to “extend” their other advertising (i.e. by adding their to their media ads). They generally are more interested in GETTING more web traffic than they are in monetizing the traffic they get. BUT, the Manna Network provides them with:

  • a new product line which
    • requires no management
    • requires no inventory
    • provides experience and training in crypto currency
    • gets them more web traffic
    • creates a new, diversified income stream
    • is a great P.R. tool (i.e. by offering business associates advertising across the Manna Network)

Bloggers, on the other hand, are usually more interested in monetizing their web traffic. They create content with the intent that it draws web traffic to their website. Their main problem is that they can only offer advertisers the limited traffic that their own site generates. The blogger is in a very poor negotiating position – they only have a limited amount of web traffic to sell but the advertiser has many, many sources to buy web traffic. The Manna Network empowers the blogger with a better product while, at the same time, leaving them the opportunity to still sell advertising on their own site. The advertisers are in a competitive bidding situation for a more level playing field with publishers.


Publishers receive permanent, long-term commissions on the purchases of their registered advertisers. As described above, the target market of Manna Network’s product (i.e. web traffic) is very narrow consisting of other website operators. In order to easily interest them, the Manna Network offers them FREE advertising across the entire network (no time limitations, no hidden fees). What they don’t get, however, is displayed in the top directory positions. Advertisers are offered the option to compete and bid for better placement in the network-wide display and if/when they do, then the member site where they registered receives 50% of whatever they agree to pay and receive it for as long as the advertiser continues to pay.

Web Traffic – A Unique Product That Creates A Second Compensation Stream

The Manna Network system aims to leverage the fact that every customer for the network’s traffic is also a producer of web traffic themselves and each one is a potential new member of the network. And since it is in everyone’s interest to get more installations, the Manna Network offers a multi-level commission system (not to be confused with Multi-Level Marketing [M.L.M.]). This means that if/when an advertiser also installs the script (thus increasing the traffic the network offers advertisers) then the site which is responsible for introducing Manna Network to them (i.e. the website where the advertiser registered) begins to receive override commissions on the sales of the new member.

Commissions are paid daily (since advertisers are charged daily). They can immediately be used by publishers to buy better positions for their own ads or they can request from the Manna Network to redeem them for BitcoinSV.

Getting Started

It all starts with you registering and taking advantage of our free offer to advertise your own website across the entire Manna Network.

Sign up to get your own website advertised across the whole network and increase your own web traffic. It is the first step towards earning BitcoinSv with your website and web traffic (and even with just your sales ability)!

Register Now!

After you register as an advertiser you can download and install either free script (i.e. the WordPress plugin or PHP script) and you immediately receive all the benefits and opportunities described above.