A Peer To Peer Website Promotion Tool And Crypto-Earning Website Monetization System



Free, User Generated Content Is Valuable: Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc) were all built upon the content donated by their users … and some of the builders, owners and investors made billions on the content of others. This site is a founding member of the first of its kind co-operative ad network “The Manna Network”. Manna Network aims to reverse that and reward content and web traffic creators with generous, long-term commissions AND a long-term stake in the ”company” that their content and traffic helped build!


“That’s why I believe the next major bitcoin innovation won’t be a wallet app or a merchant tool, but rather a product or method that effectively separates bitcoin, the currency, from bitcoin, the speculative investment.” Ryan Galt

The Manna Network is a new approach to monetizing web traffic that ALSO chose to use crypto as the sole method to settle accounts. The network could have just as easily used conventional methods but there are a number of benefits that more than make up for the inconveniences.

The Manna Network approach also delivers low cost web traffic (with even greater discounts available to cooperative members)!


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