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User Generated Content Is King: Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc) were all built upon the content donated by their users … and some of the builders, owners and investors made billions on the content of others. This site is a founding member of the first of its kind co-operative ad network “The Manna Network”. Manna Network aims to reverse that and reward the creators of content and web traffic with both generous, long-term commissions AND a long term stake in the ”company” (the first of its kind Co-operative ad network) that they helped build with their web traffic/content.


“That’s why I believe the next major bitcoin innovation won’t be a wallet app or a merchant tool, but rather a product or method that effectively separates bitcoin, the currency, from bitcoin, the speculative investment.

Sometime, hopefully soon, some person or company is going to figure out how to securitize the holding risks of bitcoin and guarantee the underlying purchasing power of consumer and merchant bitcoin deposits.

I’m not talking about ‘instant conversion’ tools offered by companies like BitPay and Coinbase, but rather products that allow depositors to safely and securely hold bitcoins that won’t fluctuate wildly in price. Ideally, depositors wouldn’t even know it, but they would be using this innovation to offload price volatility onto professional speculators with a higher risk tolerance.

In the process, bitcoin could begin acting like a currency for those who wish to use it as a unit of account for payments, while still preserving its properties as a high-beta investment. It’s a simple idea with a complex solution and a potentially lucrative payout.

Someone is bound to crack the problem eventually.” Ryan Galt


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