Will Bitcoin Adoption Reduce War Damage?

It is widely accepted that fiat money leads to more and more government spending. Even during times of peace they spend more than they take in and put the excess burden on future generations. But if/when war breaks out the gloves are off and governments spare no expense. The printing presses roar into full throttle production so that they can, of course, “win”.

But suppose Bitcoin really, REALLY got adapted through out the world. I am thinking it’s possible that if it were to happen it may severely hinder the above scenario from even developing. Since Bitcoin can’t be created out of thin air to support their war effort like fiat money can, would they therefore be reduced to “fighting within their means”? Would they be forced into a “pay as you go” bombing plan? Or maybe they might have to do a “Lay a way Plan” before they can lay waste?


Fiat money lets politicians avoid the tough decisions in their lives and get a free ride. What tough decision am I talking about? The one where they are forced to choose between cutting programs or raising taxes to pay for them. Fighting wars gets to be expensive in money as well as lives.  But heir decisions to spend the lives of young people in their “fighting machine” is limited by how much funding they have to arm and equip them. There is no real limit with fiat money but there would be if that country only used Bitcoin. I think wars, then, would be for shorter duration and far less destructive as a result.

Most of the time my passing thoughts keep right on a goin but I thought I’d share this one.

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