Why A.I. Development Should Be Stopped

While I’m not even a fan of psychology (mainly because of the sheer subjectivity of it all) I’m going to use one of its most famous “ailments” (known as psychopathy) as a launch point of an argument for a complete ban on the development of Artificial Intelligence, albeit a temporary ban, until the problem(s) of the nature I’m about to describe get addressed.

A psychopath is a person who has no empathy which means until an Artificial Intelligence is programmed to “feel” things like empathy, mercy, compassion etc. it would be a psychopathic intelligence or personality right out of the box. Do we really want a bunch of psychopathic programs affecting humanity?

Now I’m not saying we need to permanently ban A.I. development but we do need to firmly equip the intelligence with at least domesticated if not benevolent personalities first. Otherwise, aren’t we certainly on our way to creating a merciless destroyer, a psychopath like the world has never seen?

Update 9/28/2017 I just happened upon this hacker movie on YouTube that projects what an A.I. could do. It’s a lengthy movie (2:45) so grab a quilt, a beer or two and some popcorn and settle

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