Which “Bubble” Will Pop First?

It amazes me how vehemont the main stream media is at proclaiming that Bitcoin is a “tulip mania” or a “bubble’ when there are so many main stream economists warning that we are at the end of a bond bubble.

So the thought occurred to me as we are about to exchange our calendar for one with another twelve months on it which will be the first “bubble” to pop?

My bet would have to be prefaced with my own opinion that Bitcoin is no where near the “bubble” sphere but the bond market certainly is. There is only so much manipulation of markets by Central Banks that can be done before seismic corrections take place to alleviate the stresses they caused. Given that Central Banks have suppressed interest rates fior so long I expect not only the bond bubble to pop but that the patch they put on the real estate bubble will fail and it, too, will continue the defaltion it had started to display.

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