Post Offices Consider Being Bitcoin Exchanges?

It would perhaps be one of the biggest ironies ever that one of the institutions hurt most by the advent of the Internet (i.e. the Post Office) could be saved by embracing another disruptive Internet technology (i.e.Bitcoin). In this article it is reported that the US Postal Service held an informational webinar about Bitcoin and it sounds like they are seriously considering using Bitcoin not just for payments and remittances but it seems Bitcoin could play a role in package delivery management as well.

I think that would be a great move for the Post Office and they deserve credos for having the foresight and initiative to consider it. The Post Office has seen it’s “market share” of the communication and package delivery business shrink tremendously because of the Internet and email and this could help them recover some of that loss. Bitcoin and Post Offices around the world probably would make a good match. Combining Bitcoin’s inexpensive and efficient global reach together with the Postal System’s global presence seems like a pretty good fit. And apparently the Post Office already has all the necessary money transmitter’s licenses.

Way to go USPS!

And again, as usual, Bloomberg is totally clueless about Bitcoin. After the dizzy announcers read off a powerful list of strategic strengths that the Post Office already has available they start bringing up really crazy questions such as “What about regulation?”. I mean, duhhh lady. They have a money transmitters license (just mentioned a few seconds before) which FINCEN (of the US Treasury Department) published as the requirement needed to be a Bitcoin exchange. Bloomberg has some of the most biased reporting about Bitcoin that so resembles propoganda rather than news that they should cease using the word (news) along with their name. Hopefully the Post Office gets a fire under them like did and gets this adopted quickly rather than the “years” that these deficient “news” reporters say it will take.

Of the two sources with links that I posted above, Reddit by far outperforms Bloomberg in reliability by a factor of 10 to 1 in my opinion.


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