BungeeBones White Paper


A Peer To Peer, Bitcoin Centric Web
Advertising System With A Strategy To Converge Four Network Effects

By Robert Lefebure

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Web traffic is like water. It flows, it can be
diverted, it can be withheld, but it can’t be stored. It can be the
life of a business or the lack of it will be its demise. Web traffic
is also a lot like currency and Bitcoin in that it can be bought,
sold and traded. But web traffic distribution by search engines,
today, is more centralized than ever and while Bitcoin tackles the
issue of world central banks monopolizing currency BungeeBones
addresses the issue of search engines centralizing web traffic

Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc) were
all built upon the content donated by their users … and some of the
builders, owners and investors made billions on the content of
others. BungeeBones aims to reverse that and reward the contributors
of its content with a long term stake in the ”company” (the DAC?)
they helped build with their web traffic/content.

“That’s why I believe the next major bitcoin
innovation won’t be a wallet app or a merchant tool, but rather a
product or method that effectively separates bitcoin, the currency,
from bitcoin, the speculative investment.” Ryan Galt

BungeeBones uses Network Marketing as its
accounting method for those who join this network and uses Bitcoin as
the denomination

BungeeBones is a web traffic aggregator. It is like a
watershed for web traffic that enables it to be gathered into larger,
more useful amounts from even the smallest of websites. To
BungeeBones, website URLs are its content and those that join it are
its content providers. They are the ones who will hold the ownership
stake. Once the BungeeBones system gathers the web traffic, it is
packaged in such a way that the contributors, affiliates and
marketers en masse can each help market the entire aggregate to
others. In effect, web traffic that was often ignored and that was
often thrown away is now producing income for everyone that
participates in selling and promoting it.

BungeeBones enables a website to monetize its web
traffic into the long-term. The multi-level marketing arrangement is
a way for a web site to recover earnings from its web traffic far
into the future as a type of long term capital investment. Each
website’s traffic becomes venture capital and seed money/traffic to
the overall network that makes the network grow and become more

BungeeBones recognizes both web traffic and Bitcoin as
currency and provides, in many respects, a way of mining Bitcoin with
web traffic. While the system doesn’t create new Bitcoin like mining
does, by adding traffic to the network a website builds a stronger,
more valuable advertising network just as a new mining rig adds
hashing power to the Bitcoin network. And just like mining has no
guarantee of a return and, instead, relies on statistics and
probability so too does the BungeeBones network. Websites with more
web traffic will gain more recruits and/or earn more Bitcoin just as
miners with faster processors will earn more Bitcoin.

Four Network Effects Working Together

The Bitcoin protocol is demonstrating the security and power of the
network effect to the world. The BungeeBones commission and
accounting system is entirely in Bitcoin and building on that

Network Marketing:
While often confused with pyramids (which are illegal) BungeeBones
uses the Network Marketing system as the fairest way to reward those
that build its network. Each site that joins adds web traffic to the
BungeeBones Network. While no commissions are earned for recruiting a
site the recruiter does earn sizable commissions on the sales of the
recruited site(s).

Website Network:
Website Network
is created by the free BungeeBones script that is installed on all
its partnering web sites. The script enables each node to host a
fully functional (with categories and links) and managed web
directory/link exchange advertising tool. Each node is able to
display both our members’ and the general public’s links to their
visitors (no matter how many or few visitors they have) at their web
site. They can each offer registration to their visitors (sic. those
that are web site operators). Registration enables free or paid
advertising of their website and the free opportunity to install the
script and participate as a node themselves.

Affiliate Network:
Affiliate Network
is available on the BungeeBones.com website and works similar to the
webdirectory network but is designed for 1) those with websites that
can’t add the full web directory script (such as WordPress.com,
Blogger, Facebook etc) but still want to earn Bitcoin. 2) Those with
businesses of such character that having a multi-level marketing
business might detract from their image. 3) Those without any type of
web presence can still register and get their own affiliate page and
earn Bitcoin 4) Charities, non-profits etc can enable their own
affiliates to sell advertising to raise money


At the core of the Internet is the hyperlink and
consequently those that control the display of them (i.e. search
engines for the most part) exert great control over who and who does
not get traffic. Partly in response to this incredible amount of
power in the hands of predominantly one entity (Google at 67%
of search volume) an entire industry known as SEO developed and tried
to at least appear to provide the opportunity for a new or small
company/website to climb to a top position in the Search Engine
Results Page (SERP).

The truth is that SEO is not an answer to the problem.
To illustrate, a Google search using the term “SEO” results in
them delivering 207,000,000 results (207 million). Unfortunately
there are only 10 “organic” listing spots available per page so,
obviously, all except ten of the SEO companies will not be on the
first page. The rest will suffer the same fate as the sites they are
seeking to supposedly help. It begs the question as to how they could
possibly get a customer’s website to the top page when they can’t
even get their own there? Why is being on the top page so important?
Read on.

There is a tremendous amount of power and censorship
concentrated by the current system. According to a report by Chikita
on the site searchenginewatch.com/
there is barely any traffic gleaned by those on the second page of
the SERP. The conclusion then is that, for those ranked in the
thousands or even in the hundreds, the hope of ever getting web
traffic from that position is dismal.

For many, it’ll come as no surprise that the
findings also showed a significant drop in traffic from Page 1 to
Page 2 results. Page 1 results garnered 92 percent of all traffic
from the average search, with traffic dropping off by 95 percent for
Page 2.” Chikita

Not only is there is a tremendous amount of censorship
exerted by the current system there is equally a tremendous amount of
wealth concentration exerted by the current system as well. Google
SERPs basically have become a stronghold of corporations and big

The reasonable conclusion is that the possibility of a
favorable organic search placement for the new or small website is
beyond reach in any except the least competitive categories. Those
with the new or small website are left with having to pay to
get their link shown. Paid links are dominated by such programs as
Adwords or, if they believe the SEO claims, through Search Engine
Optimization. Either way, paying for advertising is a given. Yet, at
the same time, Google penalizes any site they catch offering or using
paid links.

The Bungeebones concept takes a completely
different approach. To help understand it we start with some basic

Where Does Web Traffic Come From?

Web traffic can come from many sources besides search
engines. A hyperlink/url/website address, for example, can be added
to any print media (ex. Newspapers, magazines, fliers, business cards
etc). Similar to print it can be posted on billboards. It can be
displayed on television and announced on the radio. They can also be
added to online sources (ex. Emails, forum postings, newsletters

Where Does Web Traffic Go?

What most website operators fail to recognize is the
long-term potential there is in the web traffic leaving their web
site and many never ask themselves where their web traffic goes.
There is a nearly perfect one-to-one correlation between the amount
of traffic visiting the site and the amount of web traffic leaving
that site. Everyone leaves the website and goes to another site
except for the ones who just happen to decide to quit “surfing”
at that particular website.

How Often Is The Traffic Leaving A
Website Tapped As An Asset?

The answer usually depends on the level of success a
website has achieved. Startups have little traffic to sell so even if
they realize that it is, indeed, an asset then it is such an
insignificant amount and value they wouldn’t usually give it any
thought. But later, as a website starts to glean more traffic they
still may not give their leaving web traffic any thought. So the
final answer is that the typical small to medium website gives little
thought towards the asset.

Bungeebones encourages its
member websites to utilize any and all web promotion strategies
because the more web traffic our members get from other sources the
more traffic they generate gets recycled through our network and
flows to our members.

The goal of the web
directory system is that, as traffic leaves a member website, they do
so through the web directory we provide. Many web site visitors don’t
have any particular agenda in mind
are merely “surfing”. At the point when they are about to leave
the member’s websites they will be asking themselves “Where to
next?”. We provide the directory in the hopes that it fills that
need and directs them to our other member’s sites where they can,
again, find another web directory and repeat the process.

Each web directory
includes an automatic “shopping cart” type system that enables
the members to effortlessly register users and sell web traffic in
our network for sizable commissions in Bitcoin. It is easy to install
and is maintenance free. The mundane tasks associated with a web
directory such as new link review and dead link removal are handled
by the network saving the individual site owners from the task.
web directory and the multi-level commission plan now enable both
short and long term income opportunities.

The Bungeebones Distributed Web
Directory Software Facilitates the Network Building Project

Gathering And Aggregating the
Exiting Web Traffic Into A Larger, More Marketable Block

This is accomplished by two blocks of PHP code I
developed that create a complete, managed, organized and navigable
web directory (including all the categories and links) for
installation into a web site’s own web page template. Thus the web
directory is completely branded to the style of the hosting site and
appears as any of it’s other pages. Any clicks on category links open
the listed links in pages of 20. The clicks are tallied with other
sites and are presented to those adding links as a gauge of how much
web traffic their intended category receives.

The Bungeebones Network Marketing

Marketing The Larger Block of
Network Traffic

Marketing of the aggregated web traffic is accomplished
by both a partner network and an affiliate network.

The partner network is the network of websites that
contribute web traffic (i.e. they installed the web directory
script). They each have “Add A Link” buttons in their directory
which connect to the advertising shopping cart.

The affiliate network is composed of both websites that
only add a link to their Bungeebones supplied affiliate page (instead
of installing a directory) and of sales people (independent
contractors). Both the web sites and independent sales people are
supplied with their own affiliate page at BungeeBones.com/affiliate
where they can register both affiliates and/or partners.

Partners earn much higher commissions than affiliates
because their system contributes more traffic. Both partners and
affiliates can earn income from the sales of their recruits. There is
never a fee to join as either a partner or an affiliate and no one
ever gets paid for recruiting except through the sales of their

Free Or Paid Links As Policy

Partners and affiliates can offer free or paid links.
Each individual website with the web directory installed determines
its own Free Or Paid Link policy. Each website decides whether its
directory will display free links or not and, if so, they decide for
how long they might display them for. They each have options to
display free links for time periods ranging from a week to a year and
even indefinitely.

Responsive Advertising Pricing

All web advertising is not created
equal in that there are certain businesses and sectors of business
that are by nature more congested and competitive than others. And
yet another variable is added to the pricing matrix from the fact
that each category’s pricing is greatly affected by regional and
locality considerations. In this system prices are discovered through
a competitive bidding mechanism that allows easy price discovery
across the various categories and within global, continental,
national, state, and city levels so that advertisers can get the best
value for their payment. Websites choose their price.

The pricing of ad space in the web directory is through
competitive bidding for something named a “price slot”. Price
slots are the creation of an algorithm that, starting with a Satoshi,
makes each higher price slot 1.5 times higher than the previous one.

Users select the amount from the list of price slots
offered. Links are then displayed according to the price they pay
with free links displayed last. This mechanism should enable the web
directory’s prices to adjust in both highly competitive and higher
priced categories down to micro-payment prices reflecting prices in
the most remote and most obscure local market areas.

Link Display Ordering and
Priority Policy

There are 20 links displayed per directory page. Paid
links are always displayed ahead of free links – even those
purchased for just a Satoshi. Free links are ordered in their
category by seniority with the oldest registrants being displayed
first. But a site can, by paying to be in even the lowest price slot
(a Satoshi), jump ahead of all free links.

Because there are twenty links displayed per page then,
in theory, there could be links from as many as twenty price slots.
Practically speaking, however, there would never be that many
different price slots represented because there is no limit to the
number of paid links that can be in enrolled in a price slot. For
example, Site D could pay the same price as Site A, Site B and Site
C. They could each pay just one Satoshi and all be listed ahead of
the free links. But obviously they cannot all be displayed at the
same position so their final display position is decided by their
seniority. The order is determined by how long they have been paying
for that slot.

Price slots are ordered for display of their links
according to their price from highest to lowest.

The combination of the two policies (ie. having no
limit to the number of links in a price slot and the policy of
displaying 20 links per page) results in the strong possibility that
links within a price slot can end up being displayed on different
pages. If there are 30 links in a price slot, for example, and a
maximum of 20 would be displayed then the remainder would be
displayed on the next page. As another example, suppose there are 3
price slots with each one having 8 links in it. The first two would
be displayed (providing a total of 16 links) while the third price
slot would be split in half with the four most senior links displayed
there and the remainder being saved for the top of the next page (if
that next page is ever, indeed, requested by the visitor).


The Earnings You Make From Sales

Every Partner and Affiliate is equipped to sell
advertising in the network with their own advertising “shopping
cart”. For Partners, sales are automatic by way of the “Add A
Link” button in the web directories of the Partner sites. For
Affiliates, sales are automatic by way of the“Register” buttons
of their Affiliate sites. Partners and Affiliates with websites
should, in theory at least, earn in proportion to the web traffic
they receive at their sites. Affiliates without websites have to
actively promote Bungeebones to make sales and perform more like a
traditional sales force. Partners earn 50% of the sales they generate
while Affiliates earn 10%. Commissions are “perpetual” meaning
they are paid each and every time an advertiser pays. Advertisers can
switch back and forth from free to paid advertising but if/when they
stop their paid advertising the commissions stop too but they will
resume if/when the payments resume.

The Earnings You Make By Recruiting

There is no income or commissions paid solely for
recruiting for the simple reason all the registration, software,
advertising is available for free. It is only when someone who
registered at your site or one of your downline sites becomes a
paying customer do you start earning income.

To calculate your earnings on the sales by your
recruit(s) first subtract their commission from the customer’s
payment (subtract either 10% or 50% depending on whether the
seller/recruit is an affiliate or a partner). Then take your
percentage of the REMAINDER (after their commission is deducted) and
that will be your commission. The REMAINDER after that calculation is
passed up the line to your recruiter, then perhaps to their
recruiter, and so forth until the REMAINDER finally reaches me.

Example 1: Site A is a Partner (they host a web
directory) and they make sales of $50 worth of BTC per month. They
will earn $25 worth of BTC as commission leaving a remainder of the
same amount. Your commission will be either 10% of that amount ($2.50
worth if you are an Affiliate) or 50% ($25 worth if you are a

Example 2 – Multi-level: You recruited Site A who, in
turn, recruited Site B which is a Partner and they make sales of $50
worth of BTC per month. They will earn $25 worth of BTC leaving a
remainder of the same amount. Site A’s commission will be either 10%
of that amount (if they are an Affiliate) or 50% (if they are a
partner). The remainder, then, will be either $22.50 worth of Bitcoin
($25 – 10%) or $12.50 worth of Bitcoin ($25 – 50%). Your
commission will be either 10% of that remainder (if you are an
Affiliate) or 50% (if you are a partner).

Commission Payments

Commissions are credited daily and are available
immediately for use to pay for any advertising of your own site(s)
that you would like to engage in.

Disbursements (payments of Bitcoin direct to your
wallet) are not automated currently and are made from accounts stored
in offline, cold storage wallets for security reasons. Therefore the
disbursement, at present, is a fairly manual operation so
Disbursements will only be made in amounts of $25 worth of Bitcoin or

Assurance That Your Current And
Future Earnings Are Preserved

– Via A DAC?

-or Via a Contract?

“Trust is the foundation of all relationships”

The BungeeBones script is already coded so that a
website that hosts a web directory retains its income earning
potential even if it is removed from the Internet. Even if a hosted
web directory resulted in only one link registrant it will still
remain in the database as an income earner until such time as all
it’s link registrants remove their listing because, as long as there
is even one link remaining, that one could add a web directory itself
and start earning the now defunct original website over-ride
commissions on their sales. It could continue to build a successful
downline worth millions! It would be their money aand they earned it.

This legal arrangement to insure that isn’t finalized
yet so, for now, any agreements between me (i.e. the BungeeBones
website) and sellers is a simple contracts like this:

Commissions are credited daily. You earn commissions
daily, they are credited to your account daily and available to
advertise your own site immediately. If you want to cash out your
earnings as Bitcoin they must be worth over $25 before I will send
them. The only exception is if you are canceling your account. I will
return or send any remaining funds in your account if you cancel BUT,
you cannot participate in either the Partner program nor the
affiliate program again for 6 mos. That’s it, that’s the deal.

Basically, the Bitcoin paid in by buyers go immediately
to cold storage wallets for security and it is just too big a pain in
the ass to send small payments out. The current amount may even be
too low and I reserve the right to raise it if it becomes a hassle.

Anyway, I’ll be working on how to formalize this
agreement better but for now you can download a pdf of this document
at bungeebones.com/articles/Bungeebones
White Paper.pdf
. Then, to prove the time you got it you can visit
and enter that same url. That will give what is essentially a notary
signature of the time and place. The only detail is for me to
document if I make a change. I’ll figure something out if I ever have
to do that (an encrypted email to your login email, perhaps, that you
have to digitally sign or something) but I can, as a last resort,
just mothball your account to mitigate any potential losses I might
be having.

So, keep the same email you registered with, don’t
monkey with your website and make some sales and all this should work

Robert Lefebure



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