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Get Free Hosting And Earn Bitcoin Too When You Let Us Place A Managed Web Directory On Your Site!

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BungeeBones.com provides the managed web directory service and network.

1st BitcoinBank.com provides free hosting of its script and web directory to quality web sites

The BungeeBones Network Has Three Innovations



it radically changes a fairly common website feature called a “Web Directory” into a turnkey web advertising business that can be installed on practically any web site for free and with zero maintenance. It is this new innovation of a network of installed web directories that generates the web traffic we offer while, at the same time, includes its own shopping cart at each location. As a network representative, the shopping cart gets to sell the whole network’s traffic (offering to buyers more prominent placement) for long-term, residual sales commissions (paid in Bitcoin).



is the business model. An often used path to website success is to collect and display “free user content”. Think of FaceBook. Everything on Facebook is user supplied content and it costs little for Facebook to produce it. At the same time, that user supplied content is the very thing that draws the visitors. The users contribute their content and build the website for free and the owner keeps the rewards.In the BungeeBones business model, we think of the website owners that take the extra step to add the web directory script as our network’s content builders, our investors and/or as our venture capitalists. Websites that just list with us (paid or free) are content, too (to the end users that see the directory) but the sites that take that extra step of participation and add the web directory are adding to the network’s web traffic and making advertising in it much more valuable to everyone.

The business model innovation basically says that those upon whom our success is built (ie. sites that contribute their traffic) are going to be able to retain a type of ownership interest of the network as it grows to be successful and share in its growth and profits. It’s called an Open Business Model (like in Open Source Software).


was to add a multi-level type commission structure. There is certainly some controversy surrounding multi-level marketing and I didn’t set out to make it a muli-level system. But in order to reward those that took the extra step of adding the web directory to their site, multi-level marketing seemed the best way – but with one caveat. One problem with multi-level marketing (IMHO) is that it can come close to the line of becoming a pyramid (which is illegal). And where is that line? Well more important to me than where, exactly, the line was I rather looked for what paths might take me/us/BungeeBones etc to the line … and then to stay as far away from it as possible.So what exactly is the path that takes us to that edge? It is charging people an entrance fee , and conversely, paying them for getting others to join. BungeeBones charges nothing to join and pays no one for getting anyone else to join. But as an incentive to get others to help add to the reach of our sales force (those that add the web directory do in fact become our sales force), we pay generous override commissions on the sales of the “downlines”. There is no way to earn income from BungeeBones apart from your site making sales or your downline’s sites making sales. Everyone gets to build for themselves a long-term, residual income stream built, in part, upon their own contribution of web traffic and also share in the gain from the “network affect”.

The Fourth Innovation – Bitcoin

wasn’t counted as a BungeeBones innovation because it was Satoshi Nakamoto’s and the Bitcoin community’s innovation but Bitcoin and Bungeebones and multi-level commissions seemed like such a natural fit that I converted the entire fee, payment, and accounting system over from PayPal and dollars to solely Bitcoin.The BungeeBones system is an innovative way for people to earn Bitcoin. It used to be in the early days of Bitcoin that mining was quite easy and inexpensive. The opposite is true today and it requires a sizable investment and expertise. Earning Bitcoin with the BungeeBones system is in many ways like mining Bitcoin with your web traffic!

Easy, Free, and Like Found Money!

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