Crowd-Source A Web Advertising Startup With Your Web Traffic For Bitcoin

While Bitcoin has caused renewed interest in what, in fact, actually constitutes money was, from its inception, always realizing that web traffic is money. And it was also built on the realization that there are many websites that leave their capital/money/web traffic idle and not working for their owners.

As a way for web site owners to invest some of that idle capital BungeeBones is actively seeking crowd-source funding in the way of web traffic to get it’s networked and peer-to-peer advertising system rolling. Each investor installs a free web directory on their website. There are no annoying popups or popunders but only a link to the web directory in the investor’s menu. The script is completely brandable to the investor’s site. To the viewer it appears as all the other web pages on the site. Only when an interested party clicks the “Add A Link” button are they informed that it is a third-party software. It enables investors to customize the message as they like and it becomes a BungeeBones endorsement as well.

The BungeeBones software produces a web directory script that the investors install on their web site. Traffic from all the directory installations get aggregated and each installation gets their own individual shopping cart for selling the web traffic of the entire network. Investors earn returns in three ways. They receive long-term commissions on their own sales since commissions are paid for each and every monthly ad payment. Since those that buy ads are prime candidates to add the software too, many advertisers will earn the investors multi-level style over-ride commissions on their sales when they become their recruits. Lastly, investors receive a 50% reduction in their own advertising costs.

BungeeBones is finishing its coding. Three items need to be completed. One is providing thorough reports to investors of registrations from their site, sales, recruiting progress and commission disbursements. The second is conversion of its pricing system to Bitcoin since it has converted to making all payments in Bitcoin only (ad purchases can be made with PayPal or BitCoin). The last item is to create contractual connections that insure the long-term commitment to payment of commissions to the investors. BungeeBones is looking into such things as Open-Transactions, Namecoins, Smart Contracts  and other means as ways to provide contractual obligations to investors.

For more information visit and contact them using their contact form.

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