Bitcoin Regulation: East vs. West

I found two recent articles on Coindesk that, when taken together, might point to a major battle between the East and the West when it comes to Bitcoin regulation. And no, I am not talking about China!

In this Coindesk article about the geographic dispersion of venture capital it shows a very large percentage of the money invested so far is flowing into Silicon Valley, California (the West).

And then in this other article it talks about New York (the East) trying to come to grips with what could be a major disruption to its main business (banking and financial).

So are we about to see a clash of the Titans? In one corner we have the well entrenched financial services Titan New York vs. the technology king Silicon Valley!

If Bitcoin really is the financial services disrupter we think it is we may be seeing a huge power shift from New York to the techies in California.

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