Bitcoin Links

Getting Started –

Satoshi Nakamoto White Paper PDF Audio Version


Beginner Wallet – Online –

Enterprise Level (Most secure) Bitcoin Armory

Informational Links



Coindesk –

Bitcoin Wisdom – Bitcoin Wisdom

Blockchain –

Bitcoin Talk Show –

Technical Information About Bitcoin

The Most Secure Wallet – Armory

What’s Under The Hood –‎

Bitcoin Mining

Software Libraries

Generate Wallet Addresses

Where To Buy Bitcoin

Coin Base

Local Bitcoin

Bitcoin Brokers

How/Where To Spend

Gift Cards

E Gifter

Gyft –


Tiger Direct –

General Merchandise

Overstock – Overstock

Bitcoin Payment Systems For Businesses

BitPay –
Payment processor – creates invoice, processes, deposits currency
to you bank

Coinbase – Coin Base


Compare To Credit Cards

On Money Laundering Bitcoin Money Laundering Allegations Cash Is Still King

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