Bitcoin Is Already BETTER Regulated Than Any Government Agency Could Do

As the “regulators” in NY himm and haww about what to do to regulate Bitcoin they walk right past the forest as they look for trees. What they don’t seem to grasp and seem totally clueless to is that Bitcoin is a protocol. It is math. It is more precise than any law they can ever concoct.

I’ve heard that the IRS code of the United States is 64,000 pages long. And it is so logically convoluted that if one were to try and make a computer program with its logic the program would never run (which is probably why the Obama Care website was such a disaster). Written laws are notorious for their loopholes and other problems. When a computer coder makes a loop “hole” it ends up as an endless loop and the program doesn’t work. With written law they just scrape up the road kill of broken lives they ruined as a result of their broken code and make an amendment. History is full of their failed attempts at programming society.

Bitcoin is turning out to be a great spotlight focusing on the ideological hypocrites that proclaim freedom from one side of their month and ensnare out of the other side through their often mindless, illogical, unreasonable and malfunctioning civil code. We see so-called “free” countries acting as stringent against Bitcoin as communist countries that have always been portrayed as “the enemy”. But all around the “free” world in the center of the spotlight that Bitcoin shines it seems the Central reserve banks are the most agitated. Well of course they would be because they deem themselves as gods from whom all our wealth, our subsistence, our very being is owed to their money policy.

Bitcoin’s “money policy” on the other hand is encoded. It is not subject to the greed and whims of a hidden group of bankers in a cigar smoked room determining the fate of the masses. Honest contracts make honest people out of honest people and Bitcoin’s code is as honest as there is. It is open for the world to see. Those that don’t want to participate after they see the terms aren’t forced to unlike with the fiat currencies. And while they all stealthily maneuver and scheme to manipulate their currencies’ values Bitcoin alone stands out as the one you can clearly see and investigate.

Bitcoin is regulated more perfectly by honesty and openness than any Congress, or Central Bank or any state regulators have EVER been.

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