A CryptoCurrency “On Ramp” For Website Operators

One of the biggest hurdles preventing mass adoption of cryptocurrency is what expert Andreas Antonopoulos calls “on-ramps.” They (i.e. on ramps) are methods or services that allow people to acquire cryptocurrency. The most widely used method and the popular choice is to buy them at a business such as Coinbase but that comes with hefty fees, limits and a limited selection. It also has strict KYC (ID) requirements that can shut some potential buyers out. It’s exchange platform GDAX is even stricter.

While it has been said that, until the day comes when people are paid in cryptocurrency, then those wanting to get in on the crypto revolution will need to buy in with fiat currency. But the day when website operators can be paid for their web traffic has finally arrived! The web ad network that 1stBitcoinBank is a part of provides a new type of on-ramp to any of our visitors that happen to also operate a website!

This system provides more traffic to your website and also be a way to earn crytocurrency with your web traffic! Just click the “Web Directory” tab and the “Add URl” link to get started!

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