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One of the most often cited problems of Bitcoin is the limited number of places where it can be spent. While in a discussion along those lines someone made the point that you couldn’t buy groceries with Bitcoin. While that is most probably true (unless the grocer is a small, non-corporate one that has decided to accept it) I made the point that the same would be true of gold, meaning you would not likely be able to buy groceries with a gold or silver coin either. I then asked if they were implying that Bitcoin was worthless because one couldn’t buy groceries with it? If so then logic would dictate that gold, too, is worthless because you can’t buy groceries with it and obviously that is not true.

So while groceries is just one of many categories of commercial products and/or services that are bought and sold in our economies that has not yet started accepting Bitcoin I wanted to write how is helping to bring web advertising to the list of products and services that DO accept Bitcoin. is unique, though, as it not only lets one PAY for web advertising with Bitcoin but it also lets one EARN Bitcoins by advertising other websites. BungeeBones is not just one website but is a network of websites that will advertise your website PROMINENTLY in exchange for Bitcoin.

And as a start up, advertising rates are very, very inexpensive. Prices are determined by a pricing algorithm that starts with what only one click would cost at a leading Pay Per Click company. That fee is for one month worth of advertising on the network no matter how much traffic you get!

Earn Bitcoin By Advertising

How do you earn Bitcoin with BungeeBones? BungeeBones’ commission arrangement is designed to generate long term, residual income (in Bitcoin) in exchange for your investment of web traffic from your website into the BungeeBones network.

Even if you are already selling your site’s web traffic through banner ads or pay Per Click you can still use Bitcoin and it will not compete with those other methods. That is because BungeeBones is a web directory script that you can install on your own web page template. It is designed to operate as its own, separate page on your website. That means you can continue to place your banner or PPC ads on the rest of your site as usual and BungeeBones won’t affect them at all.

But many website visitors don’t like sites with ads all over the place. Website owners that agree might find BungeeBones especially appealing because it isn’t presented as an advertisment but as a web directory. It is a web directory that doesn’t require your maintenance, nor your management but still earns you 50% commissions foe any ad sales your site makes! And, as mentioned, those commissions keep coming each and every month providing long term income from each sale.

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